9 Little-Known Uses of Projectors (A Brief Guide)

Gone are the days when projectors were only used to display movies in commercial theaters. Technology advancement has led to the development of affordable projectors that can be used for various things. Keep reading as we take a look at the most common uses of projectors.

Uses of Projectors

Uses of Projectors


Projectors are the foundation of both home and commercial theaters. And there are different kinds to choose from based on your budget and environment.

Home theaters have become quite normal these days mainly because of the availability of budget projectors that offer decent-quality images. Today, you don’t have to spend a fortune to bring big-screen entertainment to your home.

You can watch movies, play video games, and watch TV in the comfort of your home, all thanks to projectors.

Example: Optoma UHD35


If you walk into most classrooms today, it’s almost guaranteed that you will find an overhead projector.

They help students to be attentive by displaying information in a way that is readable from different locations in a classroom.

Common classroom projector applications include presentations, announcements, meetings, discussions, and occasional videos. As such, you don’t need an expensive projector but just one with sufficient brightness to stand ambient light (at least 2,500 ANSI lumens).

Example: Optoma ML750ST

Business Presentations

Can you imagine running a business meeting without a projector?

Business meetings are rarely interesting and mainly consist of slides or presentations. Projectors ensure that attendees are following along and attentive during such meetings.

Videos are rarely displayed in business meetings and therefore the projectors required don’t have to feature amazing speakers or great image quality. But they have to be able to work smoothly in daylight.

Example: Epson Pro EX9240

Painting a Mural

Projectors can make anyone look good when it comes to painting a mural. All you have to do is find a decent black-and-white image to project and then trace it over an empty wall with a pencil followed by painting.

You can even create an interactive session where your audience takes part in painting the mural after you’re done with tracing. Or even record yourself doing the whole thing from tracing to painting and share it with your social media followers.

Example: ViewSonic PX701HD


You can also use projectors to display ads or posters on a public wall or screen. And for that, you’d need those with high brightness that can produce large pictures.

Now, billboards, neon signs, and big computer screens are what’s popular with ads and posters today but projectors are still in use in select locations.


Engineers use projectors to visualize their large-scale projects. To obtain the level of detail they need for their blueprints in order to make adjustments where needed, high-quality projectors are necessary.

These projectors feature multiple lamps for sufficient brightness, long-throw distance, and gigantic screen size.

Recipe Display

Following a recipe from your smartphone can be messy. Oil, flour, water, and other ingredients will smudge on your screen as you keep tapping it to proceed through the steps.

That’s where projectors come in. They will enlarge the fonts such that the recipe is easier to read and your phone will be spared from smudges.

Menu Projection in Restaurants

Printing every day’s special or seasonal food offers will hog lots of resources because of the frequent reprinting. With projectors, restaurant owners need to only update their presentation and project the offers on a wall or screen.

In addition, they can entertain their guests by projecting videos and images that complement the restaurant ambiance.

Seasonal Decorations

Holidays are typically the spending spree for many folks as they buy all kinds of decorations for their homes. With projectors, you can cut down your costs and customize decorations based on your preference.

From Santa on the house exterior during the Christmas season to weird pumpkins on Halloween, projectors can enhance your experience significantly.

Final Words

From classrooms to theaters to decorations, there are so many uses for projectors today. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how you can use your projector creatively.