7 Little-Known Uses for Old Projector Screens

Have a projector screen sitting around? Wondering what can you do with old projector screens? Well, you are at the right place. We’re sure you have already thought about selling it for parts, donating it, or junking it – so we’re not going to beat around the bush and make the obvious points.

What we are more interested in today is how you can repurpose your old projector screen. Some DIY, repair, or usage tips can help you get the most out of a beloved (or not) old projector screen that you don’t need anymore.

You’d be surprised to learn what else you can do with an old projector screen besides painting over it!

#1. The fancy backdrop

An old projector screen can be easily repurposed as a glorified background for your frames, pictures, or objects. You can hang it on your wall with hooks or nails or put it on a shelf or table and display your best household items and showpieces in front of it.

Anything looks better with a backdrop – and this includes clocks, workstations, and night lamps. See what could use a plain background and just go with it.

You can also use old projector screens as a backdrop for pictures.

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#2. The outdoor theater

Who doesn’t love a portable movie screen? If you find yourself on outings more often, a good idea is to piece together a few parts and have yourself a moving theater for the outdoors.

A camping-specific outdoor theater is another similar option. This is one of the most common uses for an old projector screen.

You can easily roll up the fabric and secure it with rope or bungee cords. You can then secure it in place using stakes and bungee cords so that it won’t blow away in strong winds. The fabric also makes a great shade for your tent when you’re camping in hot weather.

So, if you have an extra projector screen lying around in your garage or attic, you can put it together into a portable movie theater by placing it on wheels and adding some speakers.

This gives you the ability to watch movies outside without having to worry about blowing away with the wind!

#3. The chalkboard

You can turn any solid, flat surface into a chalkboard. And an old projector screen is no different.

All you need to do is lay it flat and paint over it with chalkboard paint.

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A chalkboard is handy in any home. Even if you have never thought about it, don’t dismiss this idea outright. A chalkboard can help you in many ways.

How, you ask?

  • In a kitchen, a chalkboard can have recipes, groceries list, important numbers, to-dos, or notes.
  • Drawings, math problems, and chore lists in your kid’s room can be a refreshing sight.
  • The dining room chalkboard can have a menu for the day where others can point out suggestions.

If you find no other use, you can just have a daily quote in your living room!

#4. A wall to mesmerize

You can use an old projector screen as a wall. Yep, that’s right.

And here’s the best part – it doesn’t need to be a piece of art either. No need to paint something on it or make some design on it. Just … use it as a wall!

If you have an old projection screen, it can serve as a wall to cover the holes in your wall too. Or perhaps wiring? Electric outlets you no longer use?

The fan of the minimal home will concur that redoing a room the minimalist way can get expensive. A projector screen fixes that – it’s perfectly blank and minimal already.

#5. Replacement for cloth

There are many clothes and fabrics that we use as part of our interior. An old projector screen can replace many of these, including:

  • Curtains
  • Tablecloths
  • Desk cloths
  • Covers

You can use an old projector screen as part of your coffee table too! All you need is something heavy enough to hold the panels in place while they dry completely. If you want something more permanent than just using weights placed on top of each panel, then we recommend using screws.

Just make sure you don’t use it at a place where people sit. It’s not really a fabric!

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#6. Media center base

If you don’t have one already, maybe this is the time to build your media stand! Your own little entertainment center or corner.

In any other case, you would need professional and often expensive equipment to use as your base. But an old projector screen can double up as one without you having to buy any particular stand.

Not to mention it makes your media stand look professionally done.

#7. Wall hanging

If you have a large enough projector screen, you can turn it into a really cool wall hanging. It will take some time to cut the holes in your screen and make sure that everything fits nicely, but if you’re comfortable with a saw and drill, then there isn’t much to this project.

We would suggest making sure that your holes line up so that they don’t catch on any of the edges of the screen, otherwise you might end up having to redo them later on when the project is complete. We also recommend using some type of fastener to hold down any loose ends after cutting them out.


Projector screens are lightweight and compact. Once they get old and are not needed anymore, they can be repurposed in a lot of different ways.

We listed some of the best ways for you – but the size and build of your particular projector screen will play a critical role in determining your success in your repurposing endeavor. We hope your old projector screen finds new life! Happy upcycling!

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