NEC Projector Lamp Error (Solved!)

The ‘Lamp error’ message is common among NEC projector owners. You’ll likely come across it in the time you’ll be using an NEC projector. But what does it mean? Has the lamp just burned out and needs a replacement? Do you have to ditch your NEC projector and get a new one?

Read on to find out.

NEC Projector Lamp Error

NEC Projector Lamp Error: What is it?

The reason you’re getting the ‘Lamp Error’ message on your NEC projector is that you’ve used up the hours the lamp is rated for.

Now, NEC projector lamps are rated on average between 1500 and 4000 hours. So, the error message means that those hours have run out. But that doesn’t mean that the lamp unit is dead or burned out. It’s just a warning notifying you that you need to replace the lamp as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, that the environment you’ve installed your NEC projector and your frequency of use play a big role in determining how fast the bulb burns out. If the area is dusty and your frequency of use is high, burnout will occur sooner than you’d expect.

You can tell a ‘Lamp Error’ by the power and status indicator lights. The former is normally steady orange whereas the former flashes red every 12 seconds.

If the bulb is burned out, aside from a popping sound that is akin to the burning out of incandescent lights in our homes or workplaces, you’ll see the LED power indicator light turning green and the status indicator light showing a steady orange or red color.

With the popping sound, it’s advised that you should leave the room immediately. And that is because the lamps release mercury vapor when they burst or burn out which will negatively affect your health.

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How to replace a projector lamp on an NEC projector

When you get a ‘Lamp Error’ message, the next logical course of action is to replace your NEC projector lamp. While the projector may still be functional, having a backup bulb for when the existing one burns out is advised.

You can order the lamp from online stores but be sure to check that they are genuine and the right fit for your projector. Nowadays, it’s easy to get scammed. You may think you’ve bought a genuine bulb only to later realize it was counterfeit.

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Once you’re done with the purchase, you can call a trusted technician or do the replacement yourself at home.

If you opt to do it by yourself, be sure to follow the maintenance instructions provided in the user manual that came with your NEC projector.  If you’ve misplaced it or aren’t sure where it is, you can print a new one from this website.

Remember to adhere to the recommended safety practices like waiting for the bulb to cool down to be on the safe side. And if you aren’t sure about anything, get in touch with NEC customer support and they will clear any doubts you have.  

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How do you reset the lamp on an NEC projector?

After you’re done with replacing your NEC projector lamp, resetting it is the next step. You want to avoid getting the same error when you’ve just installed a new bulb.

You can use either the control panel or the remote, whichever you prefer. Here’s how:

Control Panel

  • Press the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Reset’
  • Next, select ‘Lamp Cleaning Time’ and then press ‘OK’


  • Press the Help and Enter keys for three seconds each and repeat that step a total of six times.
  • Next, press ‘Menu’ and hold the button for three seconds. You should get a prompt asking for the passcode
  • Input the passcode by pressing the arrow keys and Enter button in this sequence: up arrow > right arrow > left arrow > right arrow x 3 > up arrow x 2 > Enter
  • Press ‘Menu’ and then select ‘Reset’
  • Using the arrow buttons, choose ‘Clear Lamp hours’ and select ‘Yes’ as a confirmation

If you’re remote is not working or you’ve misplaced it, you can get a new one using the link below.

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NEC Projector Lamp Error: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my NEC projector status light blinking red 6 times?

If your NEC projector is blinking red 6 times, then the issue you’re dealing with is lamp error according to the user manual. A ‘Lamp Error’ message is a warning that your projector’s lamp is running out of hours and you need to be replace it.

Final Words

Getting the ‘Lamp Error’ message from your NEC projector can be worrying, especially when you have no idea what it means. In this article, we’ve gone over what it is, how you can replace the lamp at home, and how to reset its hours with a remote and control panel. Hopefully, you’ll know what to do when you next encounter this message.