How to Use a Projector Remote With PowerPoint (Brief Guide)

Presentation platforms have increased in recent years. You can synchronize your projector with your smartphone or iPad and present. Moreover, you can use Prezi, Keynote, or PowerPoint for your presentation.

A remote transforms you from a mediocre presenter to a star presenter. It also ensures you do not have to struggle to pause to find the correct keys to advance in your presentation. Furthermore, a remote allows you to have more control over the presentation and move freely around the room as you engage the audience with what you are saying.

It also helps you easily advance slides without losing momentum as you present. So, if you have trouble presenting your PowerPoint using a projector remote, do not worry. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use a projector remotely with PowerPoint. Keep reading the article to get well-detailed information. Let’s dive in!

Person doing a powerpoint presentation using a laptop and projector

How to Use Projector Remote with PowerPoint

If you want to use your projector remote with PowerPoint, connect your laptop and projector either wirelessly or through a wired connection; ensure there are no obstacles; confirm the working of your remote; identify blind spots; start your PowerPoint presentation and control the slides with your remote.

Let’s discuss the above steps in more detail below.

Connect Your Projector and Laptop


Before connecting any cables, you must ensure your projector and your laptop are switched off.

You will then connect one cable end to your projector port and the other to your laptop’s monitor port.

After that, you will confirm that both ends of your projector and laptop are well connected.

Then you will connect the audio cables to your laptop and projector. Make sure they are well connected.

Afterward, you will turn on your projector and laptop to confirm if your connections matched correctly.


You will switch off both the laptop and the wireless projector.

Then you will connect the transmitter device to the projector or laptop depending on the manual instructions of the projector.

You will switch the laptop and wait for a few seconds for a full boot up

You will then install any software the projector manual has provided. It is also possible for the projector to work with the normal drivers of your laptop, but if it does not install and run programs related to the projector. You will then switch on the projector.

If you have done everything correctly, your laptop should recognize when the projector is on and connect.

Position Your Projector

Positioning is the most crucial part of a good remote control setup. Although projectors have many integrated IR (infrared) receivers, objects may block IR light from your remote. That is why you need a line of sight for your remote and projector.

It will also help to guarantee that the IR receiver captures the IR light from the remote control.

Confirm the Working of Your Projector Remote

Check the IR transmitter; it looks like a plastic glass on top of the remote. Wipe it with a tissue or cloth to clean dust or any debris. In addition, check the batteries to ensure they are in the right order, and you can charge them afterward.

Test Your Remote From Different Positions in the Room

After ensuring your positioning and remote control are correct. You can test the remote from different points in the room to know the blind spots between your projector and the remote. It would be best to tailor the setup so you can use the remote freely in the room.

Start Your PowerPoint Presentation

After you are done with steps one to step five, you can now start your PowerPoint Presentation.

Control Your Presentation With the Remote

  • Use the up and down buttons to move through the pages or slides.
  • Use the arrow buttons to navigate the cursor through the screen.
  • Use the Esc button to right click
  • Use the left arrow button to left click
  • You can drag and drop by pressing the left arrow button and releasing it at the destination.
  • After you finish presenting, press the power button and confirm to switch off the projector.

Why Are Some Projectors Not Recommended for PPT?

Some projectors are not recommended for PowerPoint presentations because the projectors have low brightness. Therefore, your audience will not see the images and text in the PowerPoint when presenting. They also have poor focus; your audience will see blurry texts and images. Furthermore, your presentation will have missing lines because of a resolution mismatch.

How Do I Play a PowerPoint Presentation on a Projector Using a USB?

If you want to play a PowerPoint presentation on a projector using a USB, insert your USB drive into your laptop or computer USB port. Then the USB drive will read as one of your drives. After that, you will transfer your presentation to the computer by copying the file. After copying, eject the USB drive and open the file you have copied to present.

How Do I Run a PowerPoint on a Projector and Use My Laptop?

If you want to run a PowerPoint and use your laptop, you will go to your laptop, click the start button, and search for the control panel. After that, you will select connecting to a projector and then extend. After that, you will select the projector as the primary screen and the laptop as your secondary.

How Can I See My PowerPoint Notes While Presenting with a Projector?

If you want to see your PowerPoint while presenting with a projector, click the slideshow tab, go to the monitor options, and choose “use presenter view.” The windows display settings should remain open. Then, you will click on the display settings on the monitor tab to choose your monitor icon.

You will check the box for “my main monitor.” After doing this, you will see your PowerPoint notes as you present.

Can You Project a PowerPoint Presentation From an iPad?

Yes, you can Project a PowerPoint presentation using your iPad. You must ensure you have an HDMI cable and adapter or a VGA adapter to connect your iPad with the projector.

Can You Use Your Phone as a Remote for PowerPoint?

Yes, you can use your phone as a remote for a PowerPoint. However, you will have to download the “Office Remote” application if you have an android phone. The application will help you control your presentation and advance through the slides as you engage your audience.

How Do I Freeze a PowerPoint Presentation on a Projector?

If you want to freeze a PowerPoint presentation on your projector, you will hold fn, then press F7. If you want to resume, you will click the space bar or F7 again. By doing this, you will pause the current slide.

You can also freeze the presentation by pressing the B key, and a black screen will appear. Additionally, to resume, press the spacebar or B key again. For mac laptops, you will press F7 to freeze the presentation or command +F1.


Learning how to use a projector remotely with PowerPoint is easy. You must ensure you follow the steps in this article, and you will be good to go. Here’s a summary of the steps:

  • Connect your projector and laptop through a wired or wireless connection
  • Position your projector in an obstacle-free location
  • Ensure the projector remote is working
  • Test your remote from different positions in the room
  • Start your PowerPoint presentation
  • Control the presentation with the remote

Feel free to use this article as a guide to help you navigate through your journey of presentation. It will only take a short time for you to be a star or perfect presenter.