How to Turn On Promethean Projector Without a Remote (Explained)

I’m guessing you’ve just realized that your projector’s remote is lost and are looking for a way to remedy the situation. You’ve searched every inch of your living room, bedroom, or theater for it but to no avail.

Unfortunately, unlike other projector brand models where the solution is as straightforward as pressing the power button, that is not the case with promethean projectors. These models are built to only receive commands from their remote controls.

Now, you’re probably thinking of finding a universal remote or downloading one of those remote apps available on Google Play store or Apple’s app store. Well, that won’t work either.

Promethean projectors require specific remote controls. So, to get your projector running again, you either have to purchase a new remote from Amazon or Promethean or keep searching for your original misplaced remote.

How to Turn On Promethean Projector Without a Remote

Promethean Remote

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How to troubleshoot a promethean projector remote

A common issue reported by promethean projector owners is that their remotes sometimes randomly stop working. You may find that your projector isn’t responding to commands you give via the remote. So, how do you troubleshoot your remote?

Synchronize your remote with the projector

Sometimes promethean remotes get out of sync with the projectors. Luckily, the process of synchronizing them is quick and straightforward.

To synchronize your remote, start by checking that nothing is blocking its line of sight to the projector. If the infrared signal from the remote to the battery is interfered with, the synchronizing steps will likely fail. Proceed to hold the ‘Image’ and ‘Menu’ buttons simultaneously for about 20 seconds.

Your remote should now be synchronized with the projector.

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Replace dead batteries

At times, you’ll find that the reason your promethean remote isn’t working is that the batteries have run out of juice.

The good news is that the batteries are cheap and replacing them is easy.

Keep in mind that the remote won’t work if you incorrectly install the batteries. Be sure to confirm that the new batteries are installed the right way.

Verify that your remote is not faulty

These days, it’s easy to get scammed. So how do you know whether you’ve been duped by an unscrupulous seller or there are underlying issues with your remote?

For this to work, you need a mobile phone in hand. Put on the phone camera and make sure your remote’s infrared transmitter is pointing towards it. Start pressing buttons and you should see light flashes produced if the remote is working properly.

If the remote is new and faulty, then you likely have been scammed. That’s why it’s best to buy remotes from reputable retailers like Amazon because you can return them if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

On the other hand, if your remote is old and faulty, it might be time to get a new one. Get rid of the old remote or keep it as a souvenir.

Final Words

Promethean projectors only respond to instructions from the remote controls. So, if you misplace the remote, the only solutions are to find it or buy a new one. That can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it. On the plus side, it prevents toddlers from interfering with projector settings. On the downside, it may take a while to get your lost remote or get a new one shipped to you.

And if you face any issues with the remote, you can refer to the troubleshooting steps we’ve discussed in this post.