How to Check Lamp Hours on a BenQ Projector (Explained)

BenQ offers their buyers a lamp life warranty that covers a given number of hours. Beyond that, the warranty is no longer viable. For that reason, it’s important to know how to check lamp hours on your BenQ projector.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to check lamp hours on your BenQ projector, the number of hours BenQ projector lamps typically last, and tips to ensure your projector lamp lasts as long as possible.

How to Check Lamp Hours on a BenQ Projector

How to Check Lamp Hours on a BenQ Projector

BenQ projectors come with a built-in timer that automatically measures the lamp’s life. All you have to do is find that information in your projector by following the steps below:

Basic OSD Menu

  • Press ‘Menu’ on your remote or the control panel of your BenQ projector
  • Using the arrow buttons on your remote or control panel, navigate to the ‘information’ tab, and the lamp hour data should be displayed

Advanced OSD Menu

  • Go to ‘System Setup: Advanced’ and find ‘Lamp Settings’.
  • Select it by pressing ‘OK’ on your remote or projector’s control panel. The lamp hour data should be displayed.

How many hours does the BenQ projector lamp last?

BenQ projectors last for an average of 2,000 hours. But that varies based on the type of lamp and how frequently the projector is used and the surrounding environment.

As the projector lamp gets closer to the end of its life, its brightness decreases, and the images produced drop in clarity. 

Now, BenQ offers a 1000-hour warranty on their lamps but that can change based on where you’re based. And if you buy the lamp separately, you’ll have three months to provide the warranty.

Tips to ensure your BenQ lamp lasts long

BenQ projector lamps aren’t cheap and you may be tempted to cut corners. While it may not be so obvious right now, counterfeit bulbs will cost you more in the long run.

Either way, there are certain things you can do to extend your BenQ projector lamp’s life. Read on to find out what they are.

Proper Ventilation

Overheating is the leading cause of short lamp life in BenQ projectors. And one of the ways to counter it is to ensure there’s proper ventilation.

Regularly inspect the area around the projector’s vents and ensure there aren’t objects blocking the flow of air through the vents. There should also be sufficient space for heat to be released.

Adding an external fan in the room your BenQ projector is installed is also advised. It will help keep the room cool and the projector by extension.

Regular Cleaning

A small amount of dust is not harmful to your projector. But when it builds up over time, it will block the filters and clog the fans causing overheating and wearing out of the projector lamps.

Regular cleaning will prevent dust accumulation and keep your BenQ projector cool.

Now, if you want to make your work easier, get an air duster. It will blow out any dust in your filters and fans in minutes.

Air Duster

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Change air filters

BenQ projectors have internal filters that keep dust out and allow a smooth flow of air inside. But over time, their effectiveness decreases, and overheating becomes a possibility.

So regularly switching the old air filters for new ones is essential for keeping your BenQ projector cool and extending the lamp life.

Make use of power-saving modes

BenQ projectors come with power-saving modes that help prolong their lamp life. These power-saving modes namely Economic and SmartEco, are less noisy and consume less power than the normal mode. The Eco mode reduces power consumption by up to 30% while the SmartEco mode reduces it by up to 70%.

The power-saving modes work by significantly decreasing the brightness. This in turn reduces overheating and therefore extends the lamp’s life.

Here’s how you can select these modes on your BenQ projector:

Activate the OSD menu

  • Using your remote or control panel, select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Menu Type’
  • Go to ‘Advanced’ and press ‘OK’

Turn on the Eco and SmartEco modes

  • In the Advanced OSD menu we’ve just activated, navigate to ‘Picture’ and select ‘Lamp Power’
  • Select the mode you want (Normal, Eco, or Smart Eco)
  • Press ‘OK’ and hit ‘Exit’.    

Final Words

If you own a BenQ projector, it’s important to know the lamp hours so that you don’t miss out on your warranty. In this article, we’ve covered how you check them and some tips to help you prolong the lamp’s life.