Goodee Projector Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide

When shopping for an affordable projector, it’s hard to miss goodee projectors. They are widely available and offer good value for money. But like most devices, you’re likely to encounter several problems when using them. Read on as we discuss the most common issues that plague goodee projectors and how you can troubleshoot them.


Goodee projector remote not working

If you’re goodee projector is not working, start by checking whether there’s anything blocking the infrared signal from the remote to the projector. This could be anything from toys to furniture.

Now, once you’ve cleared that area, try using the remote. If it still doesn’t work, check whether it has batteries and that they are installed the right way. The batteries may have fallen off if the remote has no lid or they may have been installed incorrectly.

If you’ve implemented the above solutions with no success, then the problem is likely to be dead batteries. Get a new pair and replace the used-up ones and hopefully, your remote will start working again.

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Goodee projector says no signal

A loose HDMI or USB connection is most likely the reason your goodee projector says no signal. Unplug and re-plug them securely and that message should clear.

Another cause of ‘no signal’ message is that the HDMI or USB cable may be damaged or faulty. And the projector is unable to read content from your video source. Replacing these cables with new ones or any spare ones you may have will solve the ‘no signal’ issue.

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Goodee projector not turning on

If your goodee projector is not turning on, begin by confirming that the power cable is securely plugged into a power socket. The cable may have been partially unplugged accidentally and therefore the projector is not getting enough power to start.

The goodee projector may also be in standby or sleep mode. If that’s the case, long press the power button and the projector should now turn on.

Something else that could be preventing your goodee projector from turning on is high temperature. If the internal sensors detect overheating, the projector will automatically turn off to keep its components from damage. If you find this to be the problem, give it time to cool down before attempting to turn it on.

Goodee projector has no sound

Restoring sound to your goodee projector may be as simple as unmuting it with your remote. You may have accidentally pressed the mute key when setting it up.

The second reason your goodee projector has no sound is that the volume level may be too low or at zero. Adjusting the volume with the remote should solve this sound problem.

Now, if you have connected external entertainment systems to boost sound, a loose connection may be the cause of ‘no sound’. Check whether the HDMI cable is properly hooked up to the projector.

Goodee projector won’t play Netflix

If you try to screen mirror Netflix and find that it won’t play, it’s because of copyright issues. The workaround is to use a TV stick instead to access Netflix. Even so, you may find that there’s no sound mainly because goodee projectors don’t support Dolby sound. Be sure to turn it off beforehand.

Goodee projector not projecting

Sometimes you’ll connect your video source to the projector but you won’t see pictures displayed. The reason may be that you forgot to remove the lens cover and therefore light from the projector is obstructed.

Another cause of goodee projectors not projecting is failing to select the correct input. If you’ve hooked up a VGA source and you select HDMI as the input, it’s a no-brainer that there will be no projection.

The video source cable, be it HDMI or USB, may also be faulty. Replacing it with a new one should solve the projecting problem.

Goodee projector keeps turning off

Goodee projectors will go to standby or sleep mode if they are inactive for a while. If that’s the reason, simply long press the power button and your projector should turn on.

The other reason why your goodee projector may keep turning off is overheating. It is made in such a way that it turns itself off when the temperature exceeds a certain point to prevent damage to the internal parts. 

Goodee projector focus wheel stuck

A stuck focus wheel in goodee projectors is common and can be easily fixed. Gently hit the sides of your projector with your palm and the focus wheel will break loose.

Alternatively, you can use both hands to forcefully move it but you run the risk of damaging it. We recommend sticking with the first solution.

Goodee projector troubleshooting: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my goodee projector?

To reset your goodee projector, press the menu button or use your remote to navigate to the advanced settings. Then select the option to reset to default settings. Be sure to read through the user manual as well just to be sure.

Final Words

No projector is perfect. Whichever you decide to purchase, it’s likely you’ll come across problems that you can’t solve. In this post, we’ve looked at the top issues that affect goodee projectors and how you solve them.

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