Can You Bring a Projector on a Plane? (Explained)

If you’re thinking of bringing a projector with you on a plane, you likely have good plans for it at your destination. That can be making business presentations, addressing a large group of people, or watching your favorite flicks at night while camping outdoors or even at the beach.

Keep reading as we discuss whether you can bring a projector on a plane, what to consider when traveling with a projector on a plane and some tips to make your trip less stressful.

Can You Bring a Projector on a Plane

Can you bring a projector on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a projector on a plane. There are no restrictions on flying with a projector both domestically and internationally. Over the years, the size of projectors has been reduced by a large part making them much more portable.

What to consider when bringing a projector on a plane

In this section, we’ll cover a few factors you should consider when deciding on whether to fly with a projector.

Cost of the projector

The most advanced projectors on the market will set you back thousands of dollars. And it would be a shame to lose them on a flight or find them badly damaged as you pick up your luggage at your destination. That’s the risk you face.

You may be wondering, isn’t that risk only for checked luggage?

And you’re right. The fact is that airlines only allow you to have one carry-on bag (the one you store in the overhead compartment). And fitting your essentials together with your projector may not be possible. That leaves you with the checking option, where you have no control over who will handle your luggage.

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Size of the projector

We’ve established carry-on luggage to be your best bet at ensuring your projector is in good condition when you arrive at your destination. But not all projectors will fit in your carry-on bag. You may want to go with as small of a projector as possible.

Are you also traveling with a projector screen?

There is no question that a projector screen will make your viewing experience epic. But when you take into account the risk of it getting damaged in flight and the fact that you’ll be charged to fly it as part of your checked luggage, it may not be worth it after all.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “Can I bear the risk of losing both my projector and screen in flight or finding them damaged at my destination?”

Renting a projector

Renting a projector when you get to your destination will save you the headache of bringing a projector (and screen) on a plane with you. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your equipment in flight.

Most of the big cities have rental options for projectors that are affordable. In others, you can even rent a monitor and microphone in addition to the projector.

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Tips for traveling with a projector on a plane

If you don’t like the idea of renting a projector or your destination city doesn’t offer rental options, you may want to consider getting a heavy-duty case for your projector. That will keep your equipment safe in flight and the risk of damage will be minimal.

Projector cases come in two categories: hard shells and soft shells. Hard shells make more sense when it comes to projectors due to their fragile nature.

Here’s our #1 recommended projector case:

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Final Words

In this post, we have discussed what you should consider when deciding whether traveling with a projector on a plane is a good idea or not. In summary, you can bring a projector on a plane, but it needs to be portable and with a good-quality safety case to prevent damage from poor handling.