Auking Mini Projector Troubleshooting: The Complete Guide

Finding a projector that is portable, budget-friendly, and has good sound and image quality can be difficult in the current market. The auking mini projectors are popular because they meet those requirements. Now, you’ll likely encounter problems as you use them at some point. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common auking mini projector issues and how you can troubleshoot them.  


Auking mini projector won’t turn on

If your Auking mini projector won’t turn on, the first thing you should look for is a loose connection. The power cord may not be properly plugged into the power socket and therefore the projector is not getting any power.

Alternatively, the problem could be overheating. When the auking mini projector temperature is high, it will automatically shut down to protect its internal components from getting damaged. In this case, there’s not much you can do other than waiting for it to cool down and trying to turn it on after that.

The lamp hours could also be exhausted. Check that you haven’t exceeded the projector lamp lifespan. And if you have, a replacement should fix the issue.

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Auking mini projector sound not working

I think you’d agree that sound is as important as visuals when it comes to movies, shows, and video games. And it can be annoying when your auking mini projector is not producing sound.

Luckily, there are quick fixes you can implement without spending a dime. First, check that the volume is not set on mute or at such a low level that you can’t hear any sound. If so, use your remote to unmute the projector and adjust the volume to your liking.

If you’ve hooked up an external speaker, soundbar, or headphone, check whether the audio cable is securely connected to the audio out port on the projector. Be sure to also check the other end of the cable attached to the external audio devices.

Auking mini projector no sound with Netflix

Most projectors, including the auking mini projector, don’t show pictures nor play sound with Netflix due to copyright issues. You’ll find this information in the product description section of most online projector retail websites.

Auking mini projector HDMI not working

As I’m sure you know, HDMI is critical when it comes to projecting videos, music, or shows from your auking mini projector. When it’s not working, the projector is almost useless.

Now, if your HDMI is not working, the likely cause is a loose connection. Verify that the adapter you’re using is securely attached to the projector and that the other end, be it lightning or USB, is also well-connected.

If that’s not the problem, then the HDMI cable may be damaged or faulty. Switch it for a spare one or get a new one to replace it. That should fix the HDMI problem.

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Auking mini projector has no picture

If you’re not getting pictures from your auking mini projector, the first thing to check is that the lens cap is removed. Obviously, if the light from the projector is blocked, there will be no images displayed.

There may also be a loose connection between your video source and the projector. Check whether the HDMI or USB cable is securely connected to the projector inputs.

Another reason you may not be seeing pictures is that you are using the wrong input. For instance, if you have connected your auking mini projector to an HDMI video source and you select VGA input, there will be no pictures displayed. 

Auking mini projector has alignment issues

Auking mini projectors come with a keystone correction option to help you with image alignment. It can be vertical or horizontal. Without this feature, you will find that the pictures you get are trapezoidal rather than rectangular as needed.

To solve this problem, press the 3D Reform button on your remote. Then use the minimize and maximize keys to properly align the image. And when you’re happy with the results, press the exit button.

Final Words

When you purchase any low-cost projector, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll encounter issues in the time that you’ll own them. In this post, we’ve discussed the most common problems reported by auking mini projector owners and how you can fix them.

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